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The Value of Transbronchial Forceps Biopsy in the Histopathological

Çelikoğlu I.S., Aykan T.B.

Transbronchic parenchymal biopsy method with means of fiberoptic bronchoscopy has been applied to a total of 34 cases one group of which showing diffuse micronodular radiological image and/or linear-reticular component (I); and the other confirmed sarcoidosis cases without any radiological image, but with expected paranchymal lesion (II). I) This group of 28 cases consisted of 3 subgroups: 1) 7 cases in which the radiological, clinical and pulmonary function tests were consistant with idiopathic diffuse interstitial fubrosis. In all (100 %) of these cases the transbronchic biopsy findings confirmed the clinical diagnosis. 2) 4 cases which had been diagnosed previously as sarcoidosis depending on extrapulmonary lesions and/or positive Kveim test. In 3 out of these 4 cases (75 %) transbronchic biopsy has revealed the tsissue changes consistent with sarcoidosis. 3) 17 cases in which the pulmonary lesions could not be diagnosed by other methods. Malignancy has been found in 12 of these 17 cases. In the other two cases (one being coal worker and the other having radiotherapy because of breast carcinoma) histopathological findings have shown pulmonary fibrosis. II) The sarcoidosis cases without radiological paranchymal image have also been divided into two subgroups: 1) Having bilateral hilar adenopathy by the time of bronchoscopical study. In 2 out of 4 cases (50 %) of his subgroups tissue changes consistent with sarcoidosis have been recognized 2) without bilateral hilar adenopathy by the time of bronchoscopical study, but having previously bilateral hilar adenoapthy or other organ localization: two cases of this subgroup the tissue changes of sarcoidosis have not been oserved. The total percantage of the cases in which the transbronchic biopsy has confirmed the clinical diagnosis established the histopathological diagnosis is 76.4 % The conclusion has been arrived that the fiberoptic transbronchic biopsy should be preferred to any other bioptic method of the lung because of its diagnostic aid on a large scale, minimal danger, complication and discomfort to the patient.

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