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Influence of the Macroscopic Features of the Vocal Fold Polyps on the Quality of Voice

Dursun G., Kılıç M. A., Özgürsoy O., Karataylı Özgürsoy S., Çoruh I., Tezcaner Ç.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between the macroscopic characteristics of the vocal fold polyps and the correlation between these characteristics and the quality of voice. One hundred and one patients with vocal fold polyps who underwent microlaryngeal surgery were examined. Vocal function was assessed by videolaryngostroboscopy and perceptual and acoustic voice analyses. The vocal polyps were classified in 6 different categories according to their morphologic type, localization, position, shape, size and presence of a reactive lesion on the contralateral vocal fold. Hemorrhagic polyps tended to be located on the superior surface. Gelatinous polyps tended to be broad based. NHR values decreased from anterior to posterior localization. Polyps located on the free edge had reactive lesions on the contralateral vocal fold. NHR value was found to be higher in the pedunculated polyps. Small polyps were generally on the middle third and usually broad based. Jitter was found to be lower in small polyps. Each macroscopic feature effects the quality of voice in a certain degree. Consequently, all of these effects add up to make the overall effect of the polyp. Therefore, it is very hard to isolate the individual effect of any macroscopic feature from those of other features. We think that the limited data about this subject in the literature is what makes this study important and we believe that this study will supply an additional aspect to otolaryngology and voice speacialists, in the scope of vocal fold polyps.

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