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Akut İşitme Kaybının Etyolojisi

Gürsel B., Şenvar A., Yeşildağlar R.

Türkçe Özet Yoktur.

Ateology of Acute Loss of Hearing

Gürsel B., Şenvar A., Yeşildağlar R.

Sudden neurosensory hearing loss of undetermined casue stil remains as a perpleşing, frequent problem in otolaryngological practice. This otologic emergency, unfortunately even after intensive investigations, because of lacking the statistical data, the definition and the standardization of its pattern of recovery, hasn't got a clear-cut etiological diagnosis.This confision complicates any analysis of sudden hearing loss. Possible etiologic factors, from the literature retrospectively, include vascular dysfunction,traumas, inflammatory response, metabolic and various systemic disorders.

Türk Otolarengoloji Bülteni 2(3)/241-247

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