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A Clinical Investigation of Vertigo and Vertebral Boold Flow Using the Ultrasonic Doppler Method

Altay B., Matsunaga T.

In 38 vertigenius patient and a control group of 29 healthy adult subject, vertebral and carotid blood flows were measured utilizing the ultrasonic Doppler method. The incidence of low blood velocity and the incidence of the side -difference of the vertigenous group which suggest that vertebral arteries play amore important role in relation to vertigo and/or dizziness than that of common caratid arteries. It is relatively easy to diagnose vertebro-basiler insufficiency in cases of vertigo and/or dizziness which are accompanied by nerve syndromes, such as visual disturbance, loss of consiciousness or motor deficiency etc. Yet it is ery difficu/t to ascertain this in cases of vertigo andor dizziness alone.2 It is especially remarkable that most vertigenous patients in our field do not complain about nerve syndroms. Therefore, to what degree circulation disturbance of the vertebral arteries is concerned should be investigated. Angiography of the ertebro-basiler system appears to be only satisfactory method of making a definite diagnosis.3 Howeer, from the clinical standpoint it is always feasible to carry outthis examination on al vertigenous patients. Thus there is an urgent need to establish a form of examination that will provide the heamodynamic data from the vertebral artery with no risk to the patient.1 In an attempt to design an appropriate examination, the vertebral as well as carotid blood flows in healty adult persons and vertigenous patients were measured utilizing the ultrasonic Doppler method which has already been reported5,4,6and the finding was valuated.

Türk Otolarengoloji Bülteni 3(2)/121-129

Nis 4. İlkbahar Toplantısı
Haz ERA International Symposium on Asthma and Rhinitis
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