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Timpanoplasti Ameliyatlarında Kullanılan Greftler

Tinel Z., Doğanoğlu A.

Türkçe Özet Yoktur.

Graft material Used in Tympanoplastic Approaches

Tinel Z., Doğanoğlu A.

The success in the reconstructive middle ear surgery is, a - The prevention of infection, b - Reconstruction of the hearing function. bio and chemotherapatics are used to prevent infection. Besides this, the infection foci in the upper respiratory tract can be eliminated by surgery. Also if there is any allergy, it must be eliminated so that, tympanoplasty which is going to reconstruct the hearing function of the middle ear, can be done is ideal conditions. The aim in middle ear reconstruction is to repair the tympanic membrane and the ossicles nearest to the normal position, and for these reasons many kinds of grafts and prothesis have been used up to date.

Türk Otolarengoloji Bülteni 4(1)/16-24

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