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Uçucularda Gürültünün İşitme Üzerindeki Etkileri

Keser R., Beder E., Çalgüner M.

Türkçe Özet Yoktur.

The Effects of Noise on the Hearing Function of Aviators

Keser R., Beder E., Çalgüner M.

Rapid progress in industry during the world wars and the years that followed has caused noise to be a major problem. While various types of aircraft were put into use as a result of growing war industry, important problems on the part of aviators have been noticed; noise and noise induced hearing loss. Concerning this matter, 93 pilots and flight technicians in three military airfields have been examined. All of them were divided into three groups according to the length of time they spectrum of noise caused by different types of aircraft were recorded. The hearing thresholds of the flight personnel under examination were measured. The findigs have been discussed and the importance of prevention of noise has been stressed.

Türk Otolarengoloji Bülteni 4(3)/205-221

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