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The Evaluatıon Of Prick Test Results In Our Clınıc

Aksoy F., Karaaslan O., Taşkın Ü., Erginoğlu U., Apuhan T., Gürkan E.

Allergy, a disorder of immune system, results from disability of immune system against environmental factors not dangerous for human body. Because of disability of immune system, immune reaction occur through these environmental factors. Patients frequently apply to otorhinolaryngology outpatient clinic with upper respiratory tract problems and most of them complain about recurrent infections.Allergy should be kept in mind and some tests should be done for the diagnosis. The diagnosis of allergy is made by a careful history and a physical examination but it should be remembered that some other disorders can mimic allergy as well. there are many forms of rhinitis diagnosed as allergic rhinitis at first. Actually, it is not difficult to differentiate allergic rhinitis from other forms of rhinitis especially if only an inhalent allergen is responsable for allergy.There are many diagnostic tests used in diagnosis of specific inhalant allerjen One of the most effective , reliable and easy to apply method for diagnosis is the prick test which has high positivity percentage In our study, we evaluate prick test results of patient with allergic symptoms seen in our clinics. Between January 2001 and May 2003, prick tests were applied to 850 patients with allergic symptoms and results showed that house dusts are the most responsible allergens in allergy. As a result , allergy is seen widely in the population and most common one is house dust allergy.So effective treatment modalities against these allergens should be considered.

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