Laryngeal Tuberculosis

Karaarslan O., San T., Taşkın Ü., Yılmaz F., Erginoğlu U., Elbistanlı S.

Laryngeal tuberculosis that was a common infection until few years ago had almost disappeared due to effective treatment and protective methods. But, nowadays, it has reappeared with increasing incidence. In differential diagnosis, laryngeal tuberculosis should be considered in first place for patients with hoarseness, odynaphage , weight loss and night sweats. Usually it is seen as a complication of pulmonary tuberculosis, but sometimes only laryngeal involvement is possible.. We report a case with laryngeal tuberculosis.25 years old male patient came to our clinic with symptoms of sore throat, otalgia and hoarseness. In detailed medical history of patient there was night sweats, weight loss of 7 kilos in last 1 month and hemoptysis with sputum at night.His brother and his uncle's wife was under treatment for pulmunary tbc.Multiple hyperemic lesions covered with secretion located on right vocal cord, interarythenoid region and on laryngeal surface of the epiglottis was detected, the epiglottis was destructed partially. Laryngeal mucosa was diffusely hyperemic and covered with exudas. Vocal cord movements were not effected.. Multiple biopsies were taken from the lesions. The pathological diagnosis was laryngeal tuberculosis and the patient was referred to department of pulmonary diseases for antituberculsis treatment. The pulmonary evaluation of the patient revealed widespread pulmonary disease and the antituberculosis treatment has been started.Treatment of laryngeal tuberculosis is same with the treatment of pulmonary disease and the laryngeal lesions regress earlier. ;So, ın addition to larynx carcinoma, the laryngeal tuberculosis should be considered in first place for the differential diagnosis of patients with hoarseness and odynaphagia in developing countries.

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