Dacryo Cysto Rhinostomy(Dcr)

Ajalloueyan M., Parhizgar H.

Dacryo Cysto Rhinostomy(DCR) LAZER ENDOSCOPIC versus EXTERNAL.DCR Dacryo Cysto Rhinostomy LASER ENDOSCOPIC versus EXTERNAL.DCR Abstract: During last decade and after advent of new telescopes and LASER technology instruments, Endonasal DCR has been revitalized. Some surgeons still insist on priority of conventional external DCR, however most of the studies which compared two modalities, showed equality of outcomes. In this prospective randomized trial, results of external DCR and endoscopic LASER assisted DCR carried out by experts in these surgeries, are compared. 244 eyes which were included and randomly divided into two groups were studied for success rate and morbidities. َ Success rate is statistically equal in two groups(92.4% for external and 94.2% for endoscopic), morbidity(intra operative hemorrhage, wound scare and operation time) is less in endoscopic one.

Türk Otorinolarengoloji XXVIII.Ulusal Kongresi Özetleri S29

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