Fess Combined Radiofrequency Surgery

Moravei M.

Title: FESS Combined Radiofrequency Surgery. Objective: FESS Combined Radiosurgery is a new surgical technique using 4.0 MHz Radiowave technology .AS compared to classic FESS ,combined is a better alternative. Method: The procedure will be performed by de-bulking Nasal Mass ,then removal mass by specific RF Electrode under Endoscopic view. Result : The efficacy of technology ,there is minimal tissue damage ,no burning ,so the removal tissue is achieved by controlled depth . Conclusion: The best technique for Nasal and Para- nasal Endoscopic Surgery is FESS combined Radiofrequency Surgery. There are not post operative complications like Atrophic Rhinitis .

Türk Otorinolarengoloji XXVIII.Ulusal Kongresi Özetleri S89

Mar Allerjik Rinit 2024
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