10 Years Cholesteatoma Surgery

Ajalloueyan M.

Abstract: Back ground; During last decades, many otologists attempted to make a long standing dry ear after cholesteatoma surgery, with fair results. Objective; To evaluate results of 10 year follow-up for cholesteatoma ear surgery and recover the pitfalls. Methods; Retrospective analysis of medical records of 108 adult patients with cholesteatoma who have undergone ear surgery. Results; During follow-up 8%of patients with canal wall down and 21% of whom with canal wall up had undergone at least one revision operations. Cholesteatoma recurrence was 6% in group one and 17% in group two and it was not dependent on the size of cholesteatoma ,mastoid status or foot plate erosion. Ten years after primary surgery ,93% of the ears were dry, 90% with intact tympanic membrane, fair hearing in 42% of group one and 52% of group two. One deaf in each group. Retraction and discharge ,especially in combination, predisposed to recurrence. Pitfalls in mastoid obliteration and attic reconstruction and failure to create new ventilation routes were important reasons for recurrence of cholesteatoma. Conclusion; Surgical technique should be improved in order to lower the recurrence rate and improve hearing results especially with the help of endoscopes. Clinical significance:The most important measure in management of cholesteatoma is making a safe dry ear,and the second aim is try for better hearing.

Türk Otorinolarengoloji XXVIII.Ulusal Kongresi Özetleri S98

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