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Closed Reposıtıon Of Devıated Nasal Septum

Adnan T. M., Makdom A. N.

OBJECTIVES: To determine that closed reposition of nasal Septum (C.R.D.N.S.) in children &adult are an effective procedure in pediatric& adult patient suffering Nasal Obstruction (N.O.) due to DEVIATED NASAL SEPTUM( BONY PART IN ADULT) (D.N.S.). METHODS: A prospective study of 112 patients having Nasal Obstruction 31 pediatric&81 adult due to D.N.S. underwent C.R.D.N.S. under G.A. in Military Hospital. Alhada& Southern region (Atartiory Teaching Hospital) K.S.A. patients were diagnosed in the clinic by a consultant O.R.L. H&N Surgeon as deviated septum( mostly bony part in adult). Patients with other causes of other caused of Nasal Obstruction were excluded from the study. The C.R.N.S. procedure, expectation and possible complication were explained to the parents and on agreeing the patient was booked as a day case and pre-operative preparation conducted. Under short General Anesthesia with walshamforcep the deviated nasal septum was hold, repositioned, and pushed back to the midline over maxillary crest. Marocel Nasal pack was applied on both sides of Nasal septum. Post operatively patient were kept in a day surgery unit until complete recovery from anesthesia (4 hrs), Nasal pack was removed before discharge. Clinical assessment for Nasal airway improvement/or not and for possible complication e.g. septal haematoma conducted by a consultant before discharge, patient also questioned for: (i) Cured (Nasal Obstruction); (ii) Improvement (nasal airway obstruction); (iii) Not Improved; and (iv) Worse. To assess the patient for nasal airway patensy, they were given follow-up in OPD from first week to tenth week Post Operatively. INDICATIONS:Children deviated nasal septum and adult mostly deviated posteriorly RESULTS: A total 112 pediatric &adult patients included in the study with Nasal Obstruction (N.O.) due to D.N.S. Age ranges from 5-13 years old: male patients 24 (77%), female patients 7 (23%). Adult patients age range from14-45:male57(70%),female 24 (30%) Duration of symptoms: Less < 6 months (12) patients, Greater that > 6 moths (19) patients, Sex: Male/Female ratio = 1.6:1 pediatric. Adult less<1year (25),Greater>1 year 56. Nasal Improvement showed( 86) patients (76%) cured from Nasal Obstruction, 25 patients (22%) did improved from Nasal Obstruction 1 patient did not improved (10%),no patient did have worsen of symptoms worse 0 (0%). CONCLUSION: Overall improvement for (C.R.D.N.S.) is 90% i.e. The procedure is effective, non-invasive, we recommend (C.R.D.N.S.) for pediatric & Adult with Nasal Obstruction( bony part in adult) D.N.S. Due to avoiding invasive surgical procedure.

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